What is Wholesome Marketing?

We are small businesses owned by two moms who desire to figure out a wholesome approach to marketing our business.

What is wholesome marketing? We know what the norm has become – social media is saturated with ads and affiliates, suddenly everyone is a sales person or has an incentive behind what they post. Qualifications to recommend products, lifestyle choices and health advice have been reduced down to simply having a social following – rather than certifications and experience.

We reached a point where, as small business owners, we had to come to a decision about how we want to market and how deep we want to dive into the modern marketing scheme – aimed at easy money and consumerism. As we pondered, we developed a few principles that we believe will allow us to, in good conscience, market our company in a way that feels wholesome to us.

We're adopting a new take on marketing. What will it look like? Who does it benefit? How will it affect how we communicate with our customers? Read our principles below to get a glimpse of how we’ve decided to operate.

Wholesome Marketing Principles 

  1. We serve our niche. We are not here to sell skincare to the whole world, nor do we need to cater to everyone. We intentionally limit our growth so we can better serve a small group of customers who genuinely love and appreciate our product and who are seeking out what we have to offer. Our desire isn’t to scale our company up if it means compromising our values.
  2. We want our promotions to benefit “our people”. Instead of opening up giveaways, discount codes and sales to anyone on social media, we want to gift it to those who will enjoy and appreciate it. We don’t make it hard to become one of our people either – you just need to subscribe to our mailing list. That tells us you’re committed to connecting with us and allows us to serve you content and products that you’re actually interested in without taking the time and attention of people who are not interested in it.
  3. We don’t pay people who don’t personally use our product to promote it. We believe if you’re telling others to spend their money on something, you must first be willing to do it yourself. We happily offer all our loyalty members discounts on their own purchases if they share with someone who ends up making a purchase – they’ve earned it. However, as of August 1, 2023, we will no longer be offering an affiliate/influencer program.
  4. We try only to communicate if there’s something we need to tell you. We don’t over-create content just to consume your attention or to get you to buy what you don’t need. If we ask for your attention, it’s because we have something to say that we believe is meaningful, helpful or enjoyable. If you don’t hear from us for a bit, we’re just over here working hard on the product you love.
  5. We mainly sell online. We don't offer a vast network of wholesalers for a reason. We want you to receive the freshest batch available and we want to ensure that it's top quality which involves properly storing and handling it so we prefer to stock most of the product in our own workshop. 


Subscribe to Our Email List. If you would like to be involved in future promotions, make sure you subscribe to our email list. We’ll be giving away product, discount codes, and other special offers exclusively to our email list. If you’re already on it, you’ll be automatically entered. Just make sure you check your email!

Sign Up for Our Loyalty Program. We’d love to reward you for being one of our people. If you love our product, our loyalty program is designed to give you generous discounts for doing what you’ve already been doing – being a repeat customer and sharing with friends and family.  

As always, thank you for supporting our small business, we strive to serve you to the best of our ability.


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-Lynette about Beauty Whip