What Sustainability Means to Us

What does sustainability mean?

On each jar and bottle we send out into the world, we include the words “Sustainably Made.” In this day and age, that could mean almost anything in the heavily green-washed skincare industry, so what do we mean exactly?

A lot goes into running a business, and we've made our best effort to be mindful of what we consume  from packaging to shipping to our own time  as we make and distribute the highest quality products possible. 

Here’s what sustainability means to us:

Sustainability means using whole plant extracts that we can make in our own kitchen — with herbs we grew in our own gardens — rather than just using essential oils that require massive amounts of plant matter and are often shipped from overseas.

Sustainability means making good use of animal suet — an otherwise unused byproduct of beef production — saving those precious, healthy fats, utilizing the whole animal, and doing all the rendering ourselves (even if it’s a work-intensive process) rather than just turning to plant oils or petroleum-based products as a cheap filler for our products.

Sustainability means spending hours upon hours in the garden, pulling weeds, nurturing plants, fighting grasshoppers, harvesting, drying and garbling herbs by hand rather than just getting online and having a bag of mass-produced herbs from another country shipped to us in two days.

Sustainability means making use of what the earth has given us in it’s simplest forms and crafting with the seasons rather than making a product in mass, that conveniently lasts forever and is never out of stock while compromising your health. 

Sustainability means re-washing and sanitizing each piece of equipment in between batches even when making 5 or 6 back to back, to reduce the need for excess equipment and to consume as little as possible with our gear.

Sustainability means re-designing and re-inventing our shipping process to utilize re-used shipping materials, smaller boxes and fewer trips back and fourth to the post office.

Sustainability means investing in quality glass and metal packaging that can be repurposed and reused in your households for years to come.

Sustainability means using every bit of our excess, carrying over our extra into batches of soap, deodorant, bath salts, hydrosols and candles and recycling used herbs into our garden beds or chicken yards..

Sustainability means setting boundaries and operating within our means, being mindful of the time and energy we personally invest into the company, prioritizing what we feel is most important, so we can be sustained ourselves and keep it going for years to come.

What does sustainability mean to you? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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