A born pioneer, Wiepie has always lived a counter-cultural life. She’s the only friend I had with no TV or social media, who milked her own goats and made her own deodorant.

Her first love was finding health in whole foods, and it impacted all of her life—skincare included.

After much dreaming, she started Texas Tallow in 2018. Sourcing nutrient-rich tallow and whipping up her first batch, she shared her creation with everyone and was eager for feedback.

“Smelled tallowy”, “melted in my car”, “the oil separated out”—each time she went back to the rendering pot to perfect her method.

I—Samantha—was among her first recipients. Not only did the tallow not break my face out, but it gave my tight tummy skin the first relief I’d had in weeks and—bonus!—kept the stretch marks at bay.


That’s all it took to believe her creation belonged on more people’s bathroom vanities, and I joined her. After a few years working together on Texas Tallow, I started my own line of herbal extracts - Wilde Flora Herbals - and the Herbal Artisan Market was born.

I was already obsessed with making all my own non-toxic personal care products, (thanks to my enrollment in a herbalism course). So, we started crafting products we'd want to use and offered them to others who we knew would appreciate non-toxic options.

We dropped the over-potent essential oils and hand-crafted our own infused herbal oils from our own gardens. We learned that keeping things simple tended to work best, trusting that God designed nature to provide just what we need in easy to use forms.

We’ve continued broadening our scope with simple formulas that feed the skin. Opting out of cheap shortcuts, laboratory-made “conveniences”, and over-processed plant alternatives, we found that nothing compared to fats when it came to skin compatibility.